Recycled Leather Floor Tiles

Other leather manufacturers work with a similar product, called Bonded Leather. Bonded leather and reused leather (while practically identical in cowhide scraps being enhanced into solid pieces) differentiate in the process in which they are conveyed; reused calfskin encounters wide measures to ensure that its substance fuse no formaldehyde or raised measures of VOCs. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) insinuates invention blends which have basic vapor weights which can impact the earth and human prosperity.

leather flooring
Leather flooring

It is basic to appreciate the chemicals that go into making these sorts of things. It is often the preparation to add formaldehyde to leather products to keep up and spare the properties which make the leather idealize. In any case, while these can ensure a fair sheen or brilliance, yet frequently at the cost of releasing strong chemicals into a living course of action or business property. VOCs are controlled, especially for inside where centers can be generally surprising. VOCs are conventionally not strongly deadly but instead have interminable effects.

Recycled leather is open in stick down arrangements (fitting for floors and dividers) or on a UniClic interlocking board structure (skimming floors.) Floating floors can be presented and disassembled (for re-foundation later) with no association with the underneath substrate floor. Floating floors are enduring with reused leather in the mission of sustainability, since this locking structure requires no present stick – thus making for a substance free “green” thing.

Additionally, the tiles and planks are:

  • Made from no under 60% pre-consumer reused materials;

  • Dampens sounds to 90%+ of flat suite measures;

  • Certified and attempted to be low-VOC and made of rapidly economical materials

  • HDF, marine-audit focus material delivered utilizing pre-client wood, with no extra formaldehyde;

  • Made with EasyCare water-based consummations with a resistance for all intents and purposes indistinguishable to plug or ground surface;

  • Packaged using reused materials.

Recycled Leather floors incorporate a lavish and warm condition in a home or business space.

“Thera” is the principle Indian shipper of Recycled Leather floor tiles and sheets for use on floors and dividers. Thera’s Recycled Leather is delivered utilizing calfskin scraps protected from tanneries that make cowhide for lavishness cowhide things. The cowhide is then obliterated and bound with normal latex and tree skin. Thera’s cowhide tiles have been presented in different homes and business foundations, including on staircases and a motel crusade floor.


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  1. […] Leather floor Tiles demands for special maintenance with utmost care as the surface of the leather is soft. It should be regularly vacuumed and mopped with a slightly damp mop. Remember to avoid using soap and water on the floor. The floor should be waxed twice a year. If you are consistent with the cleaning and maintaining your flooring- it will increase the age of the leather. You don’t require and specialist maintenance service. Ask your floor dealer to recommend you special cleaner and wax made suitable for your flooring. […]


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